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How to Create the Perfect Brow

Posted on: March 13, 2013

Caruh brow shapingEyebrows play a vital role in framing your face.  Here is our guide to getting the perfect shape for you.  

Where should brows begin?

If brows are too far apart, the end of the nose will appear broader. Align a makeup brush or eye pencil vertically from the inner corner of the eye to the outside edge of the nose (figure a). This is where the brow should begin. This dimension affects the relationship between the eyes and nose, so the width of the nose must also be taken into consideration. If the nose is broader, align the brush/pencil with the tip or ball on the nose instead of the outside edge. Otherwise, you create a scowl and draw the eyes together.

Where should brows arch?

Place a brush or pencil vertically along the outer edge of the iris and intersect the brow (figure b). This is the highest point of the arch of the eyebrow. If the arch is too close to the nose, the eyes will appear sad. The properly arched brow will open the eyes and create glamorous symmetry and proportion.

Where should the brows end?
eye brow shaping

Align a brush or pencil diagonally from the corner of the nose (the tip or ball, if broader nose) to the outer corner of the eye (figure c). This is where the eyebrow should end. If brows are too short, the eye area will seem unfinished. If the brows extend beyond this dimension to too close to the eye, it will close the eye area.

How high or low should the brows be?

The space between the eye and eyebrow should ideally be equal to the size of the eye when it is opened. When the brow is too high, it creates a look of surprise and gives the appearance that the eyes are smaller.Remove hair above the brow to correct this. When the brow is too low, it creates a look of contempt and gives the appearance that the eyes are larger in proportion to the face. Remove the hair underneath the brow. The actual facial anatomy and natural brow placement can limit what you can alter. When one brow is higher than the other, you will need to create the illusion of balance.

How thick or thin should brows be?

Thicker brows seem more masculine and close the eye area. Thinner brows can look hard or artificial and make the face appear fuller. The width of the brows should be determined by the bone structure, size and proportions of the facial features. Heavy bone structure allows for heavier brows. Delicate bone structure allows for thinner brows.

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