ka-roo n. derived from ancient Sanskrit meaning beautiful and happy

Caruh spa services are an experience like no other. Uniquely based on nature’s elements combined with your individual needs makes them a rejuvenating escape from the outside world. Try one and discover why it is no ordinary massage.

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Massage by Linda McGill  Caruh LMP

1.   relieve tension and headaches
2.  increase quality of sleep
3.  enhance immunity
4.  reduce spasms, cramping and pain
5.  release endorphins – your body’s own pain killer
6.  improve circulation
7.  bring oxygen and nutrients into tissue
8.  recover from strenuous exercise
9.  increase flexibility and range of motion
10. because you deserve it!!


Enhance your service with one of our specialties.
$15 – $30 each – your choice

  • Hot Stones
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Chakra Sensory Journey
  • Dry Body Exfoliation


Restorative Nature Massage (Aveda Signature Service)

A massage at Caruh is an experience like no other. Relax on a heated bed with this customized therapeutic massage that blends pure flower essences and steam towels with traditional massage techniques including Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai and deep tissue.
$50 (30 min)
$100 (60 min) / $60 spa members
$130 (90 min) / $90 spa members

Fusion Stone Massage

A seamless blend of warm and cool stones enhance traditional massage techniques. The use of hot stones dates back to ancient times as a healing practice. The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system. Stones are placed on energy centers to rebalance the body and mind.
$130 (60 min)
$170 (90 min)

Chakra Balancing Massage (Aveda Signature Service)

An innovative spa ritual steeped in the tradition of Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. This massage merges guided meditation with our Chakra Balancing Blend aromas to open and balance the chakras—energy centers of the body. It features deep tissue massage on the back and spinal muscles and energy work for the chakras. A four-week series is recommended for optimal results.
$130 (60 min)
$170 (90 min)
$420 series (60min)

Pregnancy Massage

Relax at any stage of your pregnancy. Massage for expectant mothers is designed for maximum comfort. Supportive bolsters and specific positioning create a calm environment to treat mom’s changing body.
$100 (60 min) / $60 for spa members
$130 (90 min) / $90 for spa members

Stress-Fix Massage (Aveda Signature Service)

This massage is the ultimate bliss.  It uses Aveda’s Stress-Fix products that blend lavender, lavendin and clary sage to calm the senses.  The service also includes foot reflexology, acupressure and a guided meditation to further relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. 
$130 (60 min)
$170 (90 min)

Rosemary Mint Awakening Body Wrap

Renew body and mind with this stimulating and nurturing dry wrap. Your body is exfoliated, smoothed and softened while scalp and foot massage balances the whole body.
$120 (60 min)

Aqua Polish

A total body exfoliation customized with your Aveda Pure-Fume of choice. Warm aromatic towels, massage and moisture replenishment make this an ideal choice for skin in need of special attention.
$120 (60 min)