Men’s Services

Our name originates from ‘caru’ in Sanskrit which is the masculine word for beauty.

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s and can produce twice the level of oil, making them more prone to sensitivity, itchiness, irritation, redness and other skin and scalp conditions. Explore services exclusively for Caruh men.

Enhanced Therapies

Mens Enhanced Therapies

Enhanced TherapiesAdd $30+
(choose one per service)

Wax: Low-temperature wax and essential oils sooth skin sensitivities on back, chest or brow.

Hot Stones: The heat from the stones eases muscle tension which allows access to deeper tissue massage. This improves circulation and calms the nervous system relieving pain, reducing stress and promoting deeper relaxation

Foot Reflexology: Ancient healing technique that relieves tension in the body through corresponding reflexes in the feet. Gentle stroking of the feet and other massage protocols improve blood flow to vital organs and nourishes body tissue.

Detox Bath Pouch: Take home a custom made bath pouch made of dried herbs and flowers mixed with Epsom salt.

Chakra Sensory Journey: Discover balancing aromas for your body with Aveda Chakra Mists.  Choose the aroma that is right for you and use them in your car, the office, at home and anywhere to calm and center your life.