The journey from miserable to influential


A few years ago, I was absolutely miserable in my business for a variety of reasons and there was one circumstance after another that almost broke me into pieces.  One day a relatively new employee came up to me and said “you know, we really like working here, but you make it difficult when you come in looking like you ate a shit sandwich!”

I was a little shocked, but not really because she was right.
P.S. she still works at Caruh and I am grateful everyday that she woke me up.

I learned a very important lesson that day. I understood intellectually that we are attracted to people because of how they behave and that the people we want to be with most are those we feel good being around. What I did not fully understand until that moment was that there is nothing we will ever do in this life that truly matters to us alone. All the important things we do, we do with other people – friends, family, neighbors, schools, church, customers, vendors, employees, employers – everything moves with and thru other people.  Every dream we have – whether owning a business, getting a promotion, meeting new friends, finding Mr or Mrs Fantastic, being a great parent, coaching little league – everything we want in life requires other people to do it with us.  Of course we want people to be attracted to us to spin in our orbit and play in our sandbox because we cannot do the things we want most in life on our own.  Somewhere along the line we need/want other people.

If you have ever felt like you were pushing a boulder up hill alone or that the only one that cares about a specific project at home or at work is you.  Guess what?  You are probably right.

Unless we are willing to practice the behaviors that make us beautiful and attractive to other people, life can be a lonely place.  It seems so obvious now, but at the time I must have just thought it would just happen by osmosis.  Practice them with us in The Significance Sessions.

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