ka-roo n. derived from ancient Sanskrit meaning beautiful and happy


As an Aveda hair salon and spa we use only the finest organic and botanical ingredients.  At Caruh (ka-roo), beauty means more than looking good. Our hair stylists know that what makes people beautiful is not how they look, but rather the experience of being with them.  We are committed to exploring beauty from the inside out while crafting the best expression of your style. In our spa, we provide luxurious pampering with a complete range of services including facials, skin treatments, waxing, massage and more.  Caruh has been voted one of the Top 200 Hair Salons in America by Salon Today magazine the past seven years.  We love what we do!

In 1988, we opened our doors at 65th and Roosevelt as Strands. Many things have changed since then. East West Books was in the space next to us that is now our spa. Whole Foods was still a regional grocery store in Texas. INXS “Need You Tonight” was the #1 song and hair was high and bushy on the top.

In 2000, we changed our name to Caruh derived from the ancient language of Sanskrit meaning beautiful and happy. After 20+ years in business, the best just keeps getting better.

Fun facts: we donate $40,000 per year on average to local charities; we do not offer perms or acrylic nails because of the harsh odor; we have been voted one of the Top 200 salons in America by Salon Today magazine several times; we have been an exclusive Aveda salon since the beginning and never compromise on quality; we think the exterior of our building looks awful and are glad that “beauty is on the inside”; we close for three hours the first Thursday of each month for a staff meeting and celebration (sorry for the inconvenience); we laugh everyday – a lot; we manage by consensus and teamwork (sometimes chaotic); we value our relationships above all else; and we take care of each other so that we can take care of you.

Like attracts like. What makes Caruh so special are the people – customers and staff – and the qualities they share:

  • integrity, honesty and high personal accountability
  • strong sense of community and family
  • a commitment to expressing the best of who we are


Do you Caruh?